Affiliate Marketing

  • Do you own a Company?
  • Are you interested in getting new clients?
  • Are you interested in increasing your sales?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then ECV Express is just your looking for. Our company will take your business to the next level. Your sales will increase from the traffic flow of new customers.

We are here to help all types of businesses, whether you are a local business or company offering worldwide services.

Our advertising team will help you get online so that you can target customers that are looking for the products and/or the services your company offers.

If you have pictures to send us of your business i.e: Restaurant, Dentist, House / Apartment for Sale etc… we will turn those pictures into a video.

We will then take that video and put it up on Social Media sites such as Facebook ads. This will increase your clients, every time someone sees your video they will click on it to find out more information. See below for a sample video.

If you do not have pictures but are interested in having a video as part of your Facebook Ad, simply contact us and arrange to meet with one of our photographers and they will take pictures for your company. 

Note: On-Site Photography is only provided to businesses that are located inside Ottawa.


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