Bump up: According to Kijiji: Bumping Up your ad will help you stand out by raising your ad in the search results. You can purchase single or multiple recurring Bump Ups

Top Up: According to Kijiji: Topping up your ad will duplicate your listing and put you in prime selling position. According to Kijiji, it’s a no-brainer: the better chances of selling your ad.

Highlight: According to Kijiji: To Highlight your ad means it will feature your ad against a blue background with the search results so that it stands out from the crowd.


Bump Up Top Up Highlight
1 time – $6.44 3 days – $16.99 7 days – 7.75
3 (Every 3 days) $19.30 7 days – $35.04  
5 (Every 5 days) $32.18 30 days 140.34  
10 (Every 3 days) $64.35