Kijiji Ads

Looking to sell or advertise a product but don’t necessarily have the time to create an ad for it? Let us take care of all the work for you.

ECV Express will create your ad, upload pictures for you and if necessary come out to your location and take the pictures for you.

ECV Express will make sure your ad runs smoothly for only $30.00ea.

You can choose a subscription plan below for your Kijiji plan, If you would like basic ad or if you would like ECV Express to either bump up your ad, Top your ad or Highlight your ad.

  • BumpUp your Ad
  • Top Up your Ad
  • Highlight your Ad


If you want ECV Express to take care of your Kijiji Ad, the first thing you need to do is fill out the Form below.

Note: User must have his/her own Kijiji account

Note: If you selected any of the "increase visibility" options go to to see the
prices and let us know which "visibility option" you would like to add to your package and it will be added
to your package.

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